Why is PNI different?

Less Downtime
PNI is quick to respond when an issue occurs.
Scheduled Updates
PNI is proactive. We schedule monthly updates to your hardware.
Data Protection
PNI monitors your backups so you know when if it fails.
Network Scalability
PNI works with you to develop a plan as you grow.

IT Solutions

On-site/Remote Support

Much of PNI's support can be handled remotely. By opening an Internet browser and loading a specific application, our technicians are able to securely access your computer. However, we understand there are times when we need to be on-site. When necessary for inaccessible networks, devices or disaster recovery, PNI provides direct, hands-on solutions for more serious server, workstation and other network issues. Our professional technicians provide fast and reliable service. PNI remains behind the scenes so you can run your business as efficiently as possible.

IT Outsourcing

IT outsourcing is a flexible and affordable solution to IT staffing. PNI's innovative knowledge enables us to hire a highly skilled and motivated workforce, thus ensuring service excellence. Your organization will gain cost advantage, resource efficiency, greater flexibility and reduction of risk. Your business will acquire long-term computer network support and preventative maintenance; from desktop support to network and server management. Flexible contracts are available. The benefits and support of a full-time IT outsourcing team means you can focus on your business.


For many small and mid-sized businesses, hiring a team of talented IT professionals for a given project may prove to be pricey, time consuming and unrealistic. In some cases a skilled team of IT experts with experience in a variety of fields is needed to ensure the success of your project. PNI offers comprehensive IT consulting services. We have a trained, knowledgeable and experienced team of consultants on staff to help with your project.