What makes a good help desk?

Simple Explanations
PNI has found that most users respond favorably to a simple explanation of the issue and the steps that resolved the issue.
Ticketing System
PNI's technicians to review the initial ticket and any other comments, providing a better customer experience.
PNI's technicians regularly keep their users apprised of any developments when troubleshooting their networks.
Problem Ownership
PNI's technicians take ownership of network & computer issues and work on them until they are resolved. 

About Us

PNI started out in 2001 with three partners looking to change the IT industry. All three had drive to do something different with this company — to create an IT company that has heart and a different approach at the blue gray world of IT. PNI brings innovative, stable and reliable, IT solutions to their customers while staying original and cost effective. Refresh Your IT Thinking.


We are always looking for ambitious professionals committed to creating and implementing innovative solutions that change businesses. PNI is committed to teamwork and creating long term relationships with our customers. We have diverse backgrounds, talents, experiences, and have a commitment to delivering quality results, and the desire to keep growing professionally. If you’re looking for a career that challenges and inspires you, consider PNI. Submit your resume to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..